Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing
Omicron Pi Chapter
Executive Board
History of the Omicron Pi

 Board of Directors  2012 -2014

President: Daria Napierkowski, DNP, RN, APN, CNE

Vice President: Joyce Hyatt, DNP, RN, CNM

Treasurer:  Catherine Collin, MSN, RN, ANP

Secretary:  Rosario P. Estrada, DNP, RN, BC, CPN  

Faculty Counselor:  Renee Cantwell, DNP, RN, CNE, CPHQ    

Faculty Counselor:  Mary Ann McLaughlin, MSN, RN

Counselor at Large- Ginette lange, PhD, CNM, APN

Delegate One:  Patricia Hindin, PhD, CNM

Delegate Two:  Denise Tate, EdD, APN, WHNP-BC, ANP-BC

History of Omicron PI   

The Beginning:
Since 1990, the mission of The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Nursing (UMDNJSN) has been to provide innovative leadership in nursing through excellence in education, service and scholarship. UMDNJ-SN provides an articulated academic ladder by providing a comprehensive nursing curriculum including joint ASN and BSN undergraduate programs, graduate MSN programs, and continuing education.

On May 17, 1993, Professor Kathy McGourty introduced the idea of establishing a Sigma Theta Tau International chapter at a faculty committee meeting. A need was voiced to initiate a local honor society in order to recognize the innovative School of Nursing and its high quality faculty and student body through scholarly activity and professional development. This faculty committee agreed to make the initial contacts and request for guidelines from Indianapolis until a formal Steering Committee was formed.

By-laws were developed and submitted for acceptance by this faculty committee on July 3, 1993. Administrative and monetary support was given by the Dean of the School of Nursing, Dr. Frances Quinless, in the form of $5000 to fund the Nursing Honor Society which enabled Patrice Case and Kathy McGourty to attend their first Biennial Convention in Indianapolis in December, 1993.


On January 3 , 1994, the Steering Committee with Professor Kathy McGourty as its chair had been formally established with the following membership: Professors Patrice Case, Mary Tistler, MaryAnn Troiano, Dawn Kozlowski, Barbara Caldwell, Lynda Nolan, Christina Swanson and graduate students Denise DiPierre and Ann Maroulis. At this initial meeting, the group quickly assumed the many tasks involved in establishing a local honor society. A Chartering Timeline was developed outlining the steps necessary to enable the Nursing Honor Society to reach its goal of becoming a official chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International.

May 15, 1994: Frances Quinless, RN, Ph.D., Dean of the UMDNJ School of Nursing, spoke on the `Importance of Scholarship in Nursing. "A total of 63 members, including 10 MSN students, 3 alumni, 31 dual members and 19 community leaders were inducted.

May 16 1995: Florence Huey, RN, MA, Editor of the Nursing Spectrum, spoke on "Opportunities for Nursing in the Future. "A total of 24 members, including 8 MSN students,4 BSN students, 4 community leaders, and 8 dual members were inducted.
May 28, 1996: Virginia Fitzsimons, RN, EdD, Chairperson at Kean College of New Jersey, spoke on "The Emergence of Women in the 21st Century. "A total of 12 members, including 6 MSN students, 3 BSN students, 2 dual members, and 1 community leader were inducted.

May 7, 1997: Carolyn Rummell, RN, EdD, Professor and Chairperson of the Graduate program at Seton Hall University, New Jersey and Chairperson of the International Heritage Committee of Sigma Theta Tau International, spoke on "The History of Sigma Theta Tau," A total of 38 members, including 19 MSN students, 16 BSN students, 2 dual members, and 1 community leader were inducted.
Program Activities:

Business meeting are held each spring and fall. Every year we have been able to collaborate with the New Jersey Consortium of Sigma Theta Tau Chapters to present our Fall Scholarly Program. We hope to continue this collaborative process with them and we also anticipate working collaboratively with other chapters in the New Jersey Consortium to present our first Research Day in the near future.